What I like the most

I’m about to go to bed. I had a busy day of lunch with Vivek, listen to Patch talk at Cal J-School, talk to my advisor from Cal, another snack with Christine.

But, I was thinking about my job — since lots of people have been talking about it lately.

Things I like about reporting:

  • writing
  • getting to learn lots of new things instead of always doing the same thing every week
  • knowing stuff first
  • writing
  • being able to dress “reporter nice” instead of nice-nice
  • taking a break in the middle of the day

Things I don’t like:

  • working until midnight instead
  • having to talk to people that don’t want to talk to you
  • no, really having to talk to them
  • always being “on”
  • the fact that no one I know from work has any idea what any of my actual opinions are about anything
  • having to write stuff that’s boring or sucks

Thing I like the most: it’s probably the only job I’m qualified for and able to do at this point, having forgotten any multivariable calculus I once knew.

6 thoughts on “What I like the most

  1. I agree with almost all your points. I also like that I am one of the only people I know who went to writing school and manages to make a living as a writer, that I don’t work in a cubicle and that the rush from seeing my name in print never really goes away.

    I dislike that almost everyone I talk to on a daily basis is trying to get something from me, and that I dream about someday earning as much as a kindergarten teacher. And then there’s the whole “news industry death spiral” thing.

    I am guessing that since you are a gifted writer capable of working in multiple media (often simultaneously), a talented researcher and a dedicated athlete, you don’t REALLY think this is the only job for which you’re qualified.

    I tend to fall into that trap myself from time to time, though, and have to remind myself that I get to do this, while other people actually have to work for a living.

    1. well, i also think i’m qualified to have my own tv show, but as of yet no one’s given me one.

      i don’t really buy the whole death spiral thing anyway, so that’s good.

      you should just work at something that no one’s ever heard of and then people won’t try to get things from you.

  2. If you wanted your own TV show, you can make your own. Check out World of Jenks if you think you need to be qualified to do anything on tv. His thing is that he isn’t qualified. We watch people who hoard to much (start hoarding now!), who are too fat and now lose weight, people who are addicted to drugs, who are 16 and knocked up (consider being the only competitive pregnant <30 pro triathlete), people in prison, people who are dead, Tony Danza teaching high school english, and of course people who goof around professionally. It's the angle, so figure out the angle and do it yourself or sell it to someone who will. TV is stupid, so you gotta figure out how to entertain people while they're interested in not really doing much. I bet you could get back into high school and kick ass in varsity sports, get straight A's, be popular and record the whole thing. Of course, you'll be arrested but that's free advertising. If not, keep doing what you are doing, I love the police reports you write up.

    1. that’s a good idea. I should do a Never Been Kissed-style expose.

      the problem with all those people is that they don’t have a whole lot else going on, hence the time to lose all that weight or gain all that weight or whatever. I don’t know if I really have that kind of time…

  3. What I like…
    getting to say, “My daughter the one who runs an online newspaper…” and everyone goes, “ooooohhhh, that’s cool.”

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