It might be a problem

I think I might need to cut sugar out of my diet.

Shocking, I know, but I eat a lot of desserts. Like, a lot. It might not be totally healthy.

I’m also trying to plan a schedule for this next year. So far, it includes: um, I want to do Alcatraz and Vineman sounds like fun. Also, I’d like to be fast. SO, that’s a solid plan.

Tomorrow, I head to the West Coast Patch Conference for two days, then to Phoenix for a few more days. Maggie and I are doing Muddy Buddies on Sunday — which should be a good ‘hey, you haven’t worked out in a month’ race. It will also be a ‘you’ve never mountain biked in your life’ race.

I just started doing some stuff random here and there this week and trying to get a 30 minute swim in has made it seem unlikely that I will ever be able to train a normal amount of time. Jump that hurdle when we get there…

I am going to start with a new coach, so hopefully he can figure out some of my problems. Like all of them.

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