Before and After

This past weekend, Maggie and I did Muddy Buddies. I had no real idea what we were getting into — literally, no idea about distance or terrain or number of transitions. I had never mountain biked before. And I’m super out of shape.

So, it was tons of fun! No really.

We even got tutus and silver sparkly tights and matching outfits. Maggie was worried we would be the only people in costume, but we weren’t even in the top 10 costumes.

This is us before:

This is us after:

And, why, yes, Maggie did cross the finish line in front of me. She was yelling at me during the mud pit, because I didn’t want to put my face in it. I kept turning my head sideways so I wouldn’t get mud in my eyes. Meanwhile she was diving headfirst.

In case you were wondering, we DID win our age group. And, it turns out, there were five legs where one of us biked and one of us ran. Sometimes it was faster to run than bike. We also would have totally beaten those girls in the mohawks if I hadn’t walked the bike up every hill on the last leg. At one point, I did realize I was running hard through the Arizona desert in full tights and under armour and I was going to die.

Also, there’s apparently no prerequisite for knowing how to mountain bike before they throw you down really sketchy hills with lots of rocks and sand and cacti.

I got home yesterday to this:

Apparently, Four Loko is getting pulled from the shelves, so we had to stock up. Evidently.

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