Steve was trying out the ‘can you balance the budget‘ tool at LA Times (since Shane told him to) and he got like a $50 million surplus. So, he decided to release fewer prisoners.

Yesterday, I met with a possible freelancer who wouldn’t look me in the eyes and asked what stuff we have on the site. And, when I looked at him, he was like “Well, I haven’t checked it out.” That would be a place to start.

We went down to Santa Cruz this past weekend and hung out and hung out and hung out. It’s weird not having anything to do for any kind of amount of time. I did go for an almost four-hour ride Saturday morning, which was surprisingly comfortable, even with a 50-minute climb in the middle. But, then Sunday, I did a hard run in the afternoon and was finished, started jogging home and my left knee just gave out.

I know exactly what the problem is — IT band tightness, causing stress at the insertion point below the knee, combined with ankle pain and weakness that causes the ankle to collapse when I get tired, and general sloppiness when I’m tired — but that doesn’t mean I know how to solve the problem. So, PANIC!

Actually, my panic was fairly toned down. But, I did go to A.R.T and now my whole leg feels bruised.

Which is fun.

I have nothing else interesting to say unless you want to have a detailed discussion about the pros and cons of smart meters or the causes of the 2.6 million gallon sewage spill or the possibility of PG&E attempting to change its tier structure in an attempt to squash the Marin Energy Authority. I’m a really interesting person.

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