A four hour ride.

I’m so out of it/busy/stressed that last night I made some cookies, then I stuck another batch in the oven to bring along on my ride today, walked by the oven a couple minutes later and couldn’t figure out why it was still on, turned it off, and three hours later remembered my cookies.

I was hoping today’s long ride would be fun and casual. I’d take some pictures to share, eat some cookies and in between ride my bike a little.

It didn’t quite end that way.

First I passed Skywalker Ranch, where the ewoks live:

No, it would be awesome if ewoks lived there. Really, it’s just where George Lucas makes his movies. You can’t see the buildings from this angle — only if you’re riding down from the hill above.

Then, there were lots of horses. I tried to take a picture of this one, because it was looking at me all crazy, wanting to know who did I think I was, but then it got over it.

And lots and lots of cows.

I rode around the reservoir I ride around every week. Usually it looks pretty and sun-kissed, but today it just looked gray and winter-like (except for one creepily green hill):

Now, multiply that picture by nearly two hours and stick a mister fan in your face and that’s sort of what the ride was like for awhile. Except that at some point just unscrew the top of the mister bottle and dump it over your head. Because that’s sort of what ended up happening.

The mist just got heavier and heavier until it was actual rain.

It, eventually, just got ridiculous. The weather when I left was just cloudy and around 50 degrees. It’s been sunny and warm all week. I was totally, totally not dressed for heavy rain. At least, I decided at the last minute not to wear my summer gloves. By the time I got to Stinson Beach, I couldn’t feel my hands or feet.

I tried to take a picture of myself looking stoic and brave when I stopped for a cookie snack. This is what that ended up looking like:

I had some cookies and just had to head up Mt. Tam and down.

The up wasn’t bad. It gave me a chance to warm up without heavy wind. It was just wet. I pulled my fingers out of the fingers of my gloves and balled them up in the palm of my gloves for a little while and everything was ok.

But, for obvious reasons, the down Mt. Tam was bad, very bad.

My fingers and feet were numb. I couldn’t grab my brakes, not that the wet and dirty brakes were working very well anyway. I was shivering. I couldn’t see at all, because the rain was heavy and blowing into my eyes — I kept almost having to close my eyes because my contacts were getting fucked up. Not that descending in the rain is ever super fun, but this was the first time in a year that I really thought I was going to die on a ride.

Of course, when I got back over the last hill to San Rafael there was no rain. It was just overcast and 50s. Every stoplight I’d stand there shivering violently and people would stare at me like ‘why did that crazy girl take a shower in her bike clothes before going for a ride, no wonder she’s cold.’

I didn’t get any pretty pictures of the beach or Mt. Tam or all the great looking stuff you’d usually see on this ride. So, here is a picture looking down at Stinson Beach from the ridge:

Really, it’s down there.

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