You’re So Vain

When we bought our condo, the bathroom had recently been renovated. There was a new tub, toilet, sink, etc, and I guess the guy hadn’t gotten around to installing a mirror in the renovation. After we moved in, we spent a decent amount of time at Home Depot and we looked at bathroom mirrors, but the ones with the cabinets in them were kind of expensive and there was a lot of stuff to fix and do, so we never got around to it.

So, there is still no bathroom mirror above our sink.

This really bothers everyone who comes over. Like a lot.

They seem to see it as some kind of example of how we don’t have it together. But, first off, I mean there’s a lot of better examples of how we don’t have it together. And, secondly, unless you’re trying shave in the mirror — which I’m pretty sure none of our guests have tried to do — why do you care?

Not looking at myself every time I need to use the sink hasn’t been a big problem in my life. I know what I look like. It’s not a secret. We still have a full-length mirror in the bedroom if I need to use it. I’m not adverse to getting a mirror eventually, but I’m not totally sure why everyone needs one.

9 thoughts on “You’re So Vain

  1. Hmmmm…I use the bathroom mirror to tweeze my eyebrows, blowdry my hair in front of, and put my makeup on in front of. So I find it useful. But I guess I wouldn’t care too much if I came over and found your bathroom didn’t have a mirror. Except if I was concerned I had food in my teeth or something.

    I guess, at the end of the day, it does kind of come down to vanity.

  2. I really only need mine to put my contacts in although I’m sure I could figure out a way to manage without a mirror. Why does anyone care about whether or not you have a mirror? It’s your house!

  3. The whole shaving thing makes having a bathroom mirror essential for me. I’ve tried shaving without a mirror a few times. It never goes well.

      1. I think it’s an interesting observation about how attached people get to “the way things are” – like ALL bathrooms have a mirror over the sink, even when there is zero likelihood of shaving/hairdrying/tweezing. It’s just a very deeply ingrained habit … or we really are that attached to looking at ourselves. It wasn’t that long ago that mirrors were a rare luxury.

  4. hmmm. Unless someone is visiting and needs a mirror for their personal routine…
    I suppose people get disconcerted by the idea that things that are typically there are missing. Are we that habitually attached to looking at ourselves when we wash our hands? Makes me think about times in the past when mirrors were relatively rare.

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