OK, so I’m not naming names, but I wanted to do a local sprint triathlon. Totally small deal, very-much for beginners, but I just want to get my legs under me, it’s close, it’d be fun.

I have no interest in sand-bagging and I don’t want to go beat on beginners or discourage anyone or take their awards from them. So, I emailed the race and asked if (as a pro) I could just compete and not be in the results or be pulled from the results. Which, I’m pretty sure, is totally common. I know as a beginner, I did some small races and local pros would do them and then wouldn’t be in the results. They just sort of showed up, worked something out with the race directors, and then weren’t in the results.

This race said no.

Now, of course, I totally won’t win, because you never know who’s going to show up, especially around here. (I did a totally random, local 10K once that had two Olympians. Awesome.) But, still. WTF.

Yesterday, I went to Borders, since it’s closing there were bound to be great deals! There were ok deals, but there were more people there than actually read books. There was probably a reason the stationary section was cleaned out, but the bookshelves were still relatively full.

I totally contributed by buying two magazines and an e-reader. Because it was 50% off! And came with 100 books! And now I can read and look important!

5 thoughts on “Sand-bagger

  1. DUDE. same thing just happened to me yesterday here with a local sprint in NJ. I was all excited about the 200m swim and the RD basically said “no, this race is geared for beginners, we don’t want a pro athlete here.” WTF x 10000000000000! Did she think I would win the whole thing and rub it in their faces?!

    1. Becky Lavelle beat almost all the guys in one of the first sprints i ever did down at Stanford. It was SO not a big deal and I didn’t feel bad about myself. This is silly

  2. If that’s enough to make a beginner “feel bad” then maybe the lesson learned is to toughen-up or triathlon is going to a whole lot more painful than that person can tolerate.

  3. I’m a beginner approaching 40 and placed 18 th in that same race. I’m inspired to know a pro was one of the 17 who beat my time (by a long shot of course). We casual racers are out to have fun with other athletes. Thanks for joining the party and keeping the bar high.

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