So, I raced and I raced and then I got sick and then I stayed sick and then it turned into a sinus infection and then Maggie (my sister) visited and — shocking — I didn’t get better while she was visiting and then I fucked myself up hard in our heat wave and spent five days lying on the floor moaning.

So, those are all my excuses already set for Vineman next weekend.

Just fyi.

I’m actually not totally stressed — mildly stressed but not totally. If anyone knows if I should worry about wetsuit-legalness, let me know. That would eliminate one concern.

Other than that, I’ve just been tired. Tired. [FYI — that is not a statement of depression, nor is it an invitation to ask me what is wrong. It is just a fact from training.] But, that’s not very interesting.

That tiredness totally culminated over the long weekend. I fell apart on a long, hot run — the kind where you’re lucky when you slipped you didn’t slip down the side of the mountain. Usually, when that kind of heat-induced shuffling happens it’s at the end of a hard weekend, but this time it was at the start. That made for an even longer weekend.

I got on my bike the next day and immediately had to reroute my ride past Baskin Robbins. Just make it to Baskin Robbin and then you can take a break:

And then I swam, and ran, and biked more, and sweated and sweated and sweated.

Oh, and there was some other shit, and I almost started crying in our complex pool, and then I peed on myself on accident in the dark after watching fireworks July 4.

Today, it is 69 degrees in our condo. This is amazing. Things are looking up.

5 thoughts on “So.

  1. Want to know a thought I have been having??? probably not, but going to give it to you anyway… I think you are very talented, but Triathlon you are tired of. You want something else besides this training. It is just a feeling I get, You know I played soccer all my life. I was good at it, and could have gone to College to play it. By the time my Senior year passed, I hated playing the game. I was good at it, but didn’t like it. Is that you?? I don’t know, but it definitely is a feeling I get… for better or worse.

    To be honest with you I could care less about triathlon, but I love honesty, and you have that flowing out of your pores. I respect that a ton. 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s possible. Last year I got sick of triathlon and ended the year early. This year, going to see how I feel at the end.

      Mostly though, this is just regular training fatigue — which no one really admits can just knock you flat 😉

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