Ready for Vineman?

I actually had fun at a pro meeting today.

This is shocking. I hate pro meetings — always feel awkward, out of place, etc, etc. But, Kristin showed up and we hung out and it was good times.

Maybe tomorrow’s race will be fun too? (WHAT?!)

Last night, Steve and I went to see the last Harry Potter. He’s never seen one of the movies. He’s never read one of the books. He was pretty sure it’s a combination of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and those Twilight movies.

His verdict is: it was boring.

I knew shit was going down, but didn’t care about the people being killed. A lot of it was just to sell videogames. And then there were some Braveheart wannabe scene.

Also, the guy without the nose had it in for Potter — I figure it’s because Potter’s responsible for him not having a nose.

The movie started with them going to a B&B and rounding up a hobbit, who took them to a hobbit bank, which wasn’t really believable as a bank.

[Kelly’s note — sure, close enough…]

The wise mole people were symbolic. The whole movie was heavy on the symbolism.

Eventually, they met up with the wizard from Lord of the Rings.

[Kelly’s note — Dumbledore.]

The best scene was in the supply closet.

[Kelly’s note — the supply closet?]

Yeah, where they got the brooms and flew out.

[Kelly’s note — you mean, the Room of Requirement with the crazy fire?]

Where they kept all the school supplies, so Susan Sarandon could teach them how to use it.

[Kelly’s note — Susan Sarandon?]

Whatever, the British actress who’s always typecast.

[Kelly’s note — Susan Sarandon’s not even British.]

Fortunately, the girl sitting next to me alerted me to when a popular character was entering the scene by giggling or cheering. She was oddly shocked when some guy in a sweater survived — I’m no reader, but if you’re that invested, wouldn’t you pick up a book to find out how it ends? This was after fighting with her mom on her cell phone about how many cell phone minutes she had left.

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