Back on the Horse?

OK, this may not come as a big shock, but I’ve been a bit down this week.

(WHAT?!? Whoa.)

Grandma, mom, big breaths, it’ll be ok.

I’m usually pretty depressed the day after a shit race – especially if that shit race ended in the med tent/room. The usual: you suck, why even do this if you suck, you could spend all that time actually being good at something, god, you suck. Etc. But, I figured that’d roll out after a day or two.

Only it didn’t.

So, on a new mission: have fun again.

Evidently, not doing any workouts with anyone else for like three months wears on your mental fortitude after awhile. So, wanna ride? Run? Hang out and call it swimming? I’m in, just let me know. I was trying to come up with things that sound fun and I have: group run workouts, rides with friends, mountain biking, CrossFit, and races. But things that don’t sound fun: sucking at races, long rides by myself, swimming by myself, mile repeats.

Steve says my problems is I haven’t hit bottom and if I woke up in a bush I would be ready to be an athlete again. That, I think, is step two.

4 thoughts on “Back on the Horse?

  1. I don’t like long solo workouts. I like bike riding early in the spring long by myself, because of just surviving Michigan winters I am ready to be outside.

    Anyway hope you get it figured out, because doesn’t sound like you are in the best place mentally. Hope you can find people to share the workouts with, because that makes a huge difference… IMHO.

  2. Oh how I wished I lived out that way. I would most definitely take you up on the riding together!!! (although your hills might kill me) Hope you find some buddies because I agree, that most definitely makes training much easier!

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