The Last Week

This is what the last week was like (without pictures, because I’m not a picture person).

Monday: Work, pack, pack, work. If we don’t leave until 3 p.m., then we might as well wait until after traffic. We don’t leave until 3 p.m. It’s a long drive up to Tahoe. Followed by a short, short run.

Tuesday: Something about the noise in the room and the heat wakes both of us up really early, not that either of up slept a solid 6 hours anyway. I get up, on a call. Do more work. Pack up the whole room to change rooms, because of the noise. Go for a ride. Work more. Mess up a story — though I don’t learn I messed it up until the next day. Swim in Tahoe Lake, without freaking out too much. Work until just after 9 p.m. and then drink.

Wednesday: Almost slept six hours, though new construction wakes both of us up early again. First real vacation day! Get massive altitude sickness dragging myself on a run around Donner Lake. Had no, no idea it was going to be a disaster until I was halfway around the lake and spinning, stumbling and sticking my head under public bathroom fountains. Finally, eventually, after finding out about the story I messed up while wanting to throw up next to my car, made it back to the hotel. Laid in the bed moaning for hours. Ventured out long enough in the evening to get chewed up by mosquitoes.

Thursday: Slept solidly. Packed up the whole room to change hotels. Drove to new hotel, threw on bike clothes, rushed to meet Steve Kukta for a ride around Tahoe Lake. The ride around the lake was pretty awesome. And 95 miles.

Friday: Hardly get any sleep – tossing and turning all night and freaking out about all the work I have to do. Packed up the whole room again to check out. Swim without a wetsuit and freeze my ass off (though, it was gorgeous), shivering and shaking. Drive four hours over the mountain pass to Gold Country and my legs ache. Exhausted, drag, drag, drag my feet. Help Steve get all his stuff ready for his race the next morning.

Saturday: Up at 5:30 a.m. Steve races. I barely coast through an hour bike ride. Lay back down on the bed and sleep, sleep, sleep.

Sunday: Up at 4:50 a.m. Steve races. I drive. And sit. And then drive more. We get home and I lay down more and then work, work, work.

Monday: Have a hysterical fit in the car.

It’s been a good week.

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