Speaking Truth

Steve told me that he had been having a Kelly-esque reaction to people telling him he should be grateful for his injury not being worse.

I said I thought he should tell them they should be even more grateful then for not having an accident in the first place. That basically you should just always then go around always feeling grateful nothing worse than what is currently happening has yet happened – but when it does you should just be happy it wasn’t worse. Basically, the only way you could only ever know that things were better than they could have been, anyway, was if somehow – through the power of time travel – you found out that if you had gotten on that plane, for example, you would have contracted a deathly case of smallpox and died, but you didn’t because you fell and broke both legs and arms, therefore you should be grateful.

So, it’s a stupid thing to say.

Steve said, yeah, that’s a Kelly-ism reaction to people saying that.

Yeah, I said, cause it’s true.

Kelly-ism = speaking truth.


3 thoughts on “Speaking Truth

  1. well, i was kidding about the “speaking truth” part, but not about the fact that random people on the street need to stop saying stupid-ass shit that just makes you feel worse

  2. I’ve always been struck by the fact there seem to be only two ways most people respond to someone else’s problem – there’s the “well you should be glad it’s not worse” and the “ooooh my gosh, have you thought about all the other things this is going to make suck”. And yes, both types are trying to be helpful, but really? Where’s the middle ground? The showing up with a pizza and a movie or just ask how it’s going (but not in that voice and not with further tales of other horror stories) or offer to drive or, I don’t know, tell a joke. something.

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