The Problem with a Wedding

People keep being like ‘ohh, you’re getting married next weekend, you must be really stressed out.’

I even went to the doctor because I was pretty sick and she wrote it off as “wedding stress.”

And, I am. Sure. But, it’s not cause like my florist isn’t coordinating with my hair dresser. It’s because we have no food and lots of non-wedding things to do. No exaggeration: we’ve got chairs, tables, customized M&M’s and college kids to drive shuttles – which will hopefully be their minivans they drive themselves, because we don’t got actual shuttles.

Oh, and I’ve got Steve, who still can’t pick anything up – unless you put it in a backpack for him to carrying around on his crutches.

So, yeah, I’m stressed out. But it’s more of the life variety and less of the bouquets and stupid wedding jokes kind.

3 thoughts on “The Problem with a Wedding

  1. Interesting. My wife and I did the big marriage thing, cuz everyone did that stuff. I could care less about any of it, except the open bar, and craziness with my friends. We spent way too much, but you know back then I thought money always trickled in. We had a fun time though, and that was cool. 🙂

    Life is so full of stress like… Ughh…. What am I doing? and what is some type of high purpose thing I can do?

    I like you Kelly cuz you are real. I hope you and the “other Steve” 🙂 j/k. have a great wedding. I do really wish the best for you both, and hope the “other Steve” recovers quickly. 🙂

  2. What can I do? I realize that I’m not actually around the block, but a lot of things can be accomplished with the internet and a charge card!! And I have access to both!!!! So clue me in – I’m here to help. And I’ll be there in a week! Love you!

  3. From someone who went through something pretty similar a mere 2 weeks ago, it’s pretty normal. And like you there were no worries on floral and the likes of that. Comes together alright in the end. Come the day of it’s pretty exciting. See you next week.

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