This I Read This Week

The other night, while I was sitting and eating leftover Oreos and drinking the leftover margarita mix (which doesn’t really go together, fyi, but I was powering through) and watching Law and Order reruns, I realized: this is what people do.

I haven’t really gotten motivation back to train yet: I ran yesterday and I mountain biked another day this week and I haven’t swum in four weeks, so I’ve got some free time. And, coming down off of a relatively completely insane month, means I’ve finally caught back up at work and I’ve got some free time.

So, in lieu of an awesome story about how awesome my life is, here are some of the things I’ve been reading about.

Everyone on the facebook was talking about this video of the cops beating people at the OccupyCal protest:

To me the crazy thing was that the OccupyCal protest was really no different than lots of other protests I saw at Cal and, actually, looked pretty sad and small earlier this week. And, the cops never attacked anyone in the four years I was there even at the bigger protests. So, why now?

(The cops did have to get out the riot gear during Steve’s freshman year when some of the kids from a local high school were denied entrance at a fraternity dance and proceeded to riot and throw newspaper stands through the windows of the yogurt shop.)

Then, of course, everyone on the TV was talking about the the protests at Penn State this week:

Which, of course, were absurd and sad in their misguided sentiment, but when everyone on The View and the Daily Show went on about how no one was protesting the sexual assaults, did they think that through? You generally only have protests when there are two sides to an issue and who did they think was arguing that what happened was ok? Even the entitled, self-involved students tipping over media vans weren’t saying it was ok, they were saying (sorta) that maybe the wrong person was being scape-goated.

[Side note: Let’s not call it a “sex scandal,” that was the same term used when Anthony Weiner tweeted a picture of his underwear. That just cheapens what happened to the kids.]

That meant the most popular thing being shared on the social media this week was this story about the Penn State v. Cal protests.

Everyone from Cal thought the article was great.

3 thoughts on “This I Read This Week

  1. you really are an enigma, and maybe we all are. I like what you said about the kids. Chances are their struggles will remain in their closet, and they will deal however they will deal. I think I have a belief if you don’t tell a trusted good friend about the bad it turns into worse. I don’t think everyone is strong enough to handle life on their own. It is a shared experience, and we all have some stuff of some sort.

    If everyone took an objective look at their own life, and everyone they read about, or whatever… The truthful conclusion is none is fair. So we do what we do, and hopefully show compassion for those who do some terrible things, and those who were the victims of those terrible things.

    I think that is the best way.

    p.s. yay for oreos and margaritas. 🙂 LOL

  2. Kelly, it’s Penn State or PSU, not UPenn. UPenn is the University of Pennsylvania and I’m certain they wouldn’t want to be mistaken for Penn State University.


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