The Bucket List

So, after the Parks and Rec episode last week where they did items off the bucket list, obviously, we had to make a bucket list.

Of course, I have rules for bucket lists, though. 1. They can’t all be places you want to go. That is lame. 2. They can’t really just be goals or achievements, like I want to be Editor in Chief of my own magazine — not a bucket list item, clearly a career goal. 3. They can’t all be achievable just through money. Also, lame.

These were the immediate ones I had:

1. Be in a riot, just like once to see what it’s like. (And, then get the fuck out of there.)

2. Fly in a private jet. A cool one.

3. Go on a book tour – for my own book, not as a groupie or whatever.

4. Appear on national TV.

I had more too, but then I fell asleep, so these are the ones I remember.

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