People email me a lot (for work, not personally, though they do that too) and call me and comment on my stories. All positives, except that many times the people doing those things don’t have positive things to say.

According to the internet, I’m a terrible person, the worst journalist in the world, a juvenile with no understanding of the English language, trying to push my miserable 1% agenda. [People also email me about how great I am too, but those don’t go as innately against my image of myself.]

There are a lot of jobs where people voice their displeasure with you, but few seem to give people the right to do it so personally. ‘Hey, that hamburger you’re making sucks, your mother must hate you.’

Every now and then I’m pretty sure I’m getting better at dealing with it — it was easier to ignore when you wrote for a paper and harder when you’re down in the internet muck with them — but lots of times I still get pissed off and want to go knock on these peoples’ doors and explain why the point they’re saying I suck at was actually made in my third paragraph.

My all-time favorite insult was when someone told me it’s clear I hate the Constitution. I don’t think I got that upset about that one (actually, I got really upset about that particular whole string of ‘Kelly sucks, No, she doesn’t’ comments because they were really misinformed and came at the end of a long day), but there’s not much to say in response to be called “anti-Constitution.” Because, really, maybe I hate the Constitution (I don’t), but I don’t know how you would be able to tell that from a story about a town council meeting.

One thought on “You SUCK

  1. A lot of people largely suck, and are unhappy I think. My wife has to deal with people every day, and they drive her nuts. As to the Constitution thingy, the person probably has some agenda based on whatever crappy cable news he watches, and doesn’t really think of things. Cable news is the demise of everything good. It makes people haters. My opinion obviously.

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