I was telling Steve about the economic problems in Spain (40% unemployment for people my age?!) and he said that if I keep talking about stuff like this to people, they’re going to think I don’t have enough to do.

But, without training seriously or coaching high school cross-country, I have a solid 40 or so more hours a week and what else is there to do but keep abreast of problems in Europe. (Not that work isn’t expanding to fill that time, like those fish.) And, there’s only so much facebook-stalking and plotting my media takeover one can do.

Fortunately, I took on a number of new volunteer projects, because actually sleeping was getting too boring.

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  1. HA HA HA Good luck on your media takeover. 🙂 Sleep is boring, that is why I like to not do it past 2 or 3 a.m. 🙂 j/k. I go to bed early, but that Spain thing is horrible. I had no idea. At that age people are brave, and don’t mind getting to know their inner-Kerouac. You know the one that says society and world screw you, I am going to find my own way, cuz your way sucks. I think Kerouac and the Beats were born, because they viewed WWII, and were like, I could have easily died there, and there is my life. Maybe there is something more…

    My opinion anyway. 🙂

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