Yesterday, Steve and I went to a 49ers game. It’s not that I dislike football or that I don’t understand it, it’s just that I think it’s a little overwrought.

During the first half, our neighbors got my commentary, which included “Delay of game is a pretty rich call in football” and “That was a stupid kick” and “No, I don’t think the cheerleaders are upset because they aren’t wearing warmer clothes. I think they’re upset because they make less than minimum wage.”

During the second half, my commentary got a lot darker and I don’t think our section appreciated hearing about how football is exploitative of the players and the working class. All the money and industry and infrastructure takes advantage largely of people from lower economic classes. (Just like the lottery.) Sure, they choose to play and maybe they love to play, maybe not. But, in light of new research about concussions and the extreme likelihood that even a player who never has a “major” injury will end up with pretty severe brain damage, don’t you think the owners have the far better deal?

2 thoughts on “Football

  1. Not to get in the Economics of football, which I don’t know much about, except the free market is nowhere in sight, and collusion is all over. Kinda a microcosm of our U.S. Economic system. I do think A lot of money and research has been used to improve the helmets. The brain damage you are talking about is probably them having all the benefits of a College degree with perhaps not having to do much to get that piece of paper.

    It is entertaining though, and infuriating, well at least for me cuz I am a Bears fan, and we rarely are real good. 🙂

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