Couldn’t Make This Up

My mousepad on my laptop started acting up and doing stuff on it’s own, moving around, opening and closing programs, etc. When I plugged in an external mouse I could still use my computer, even though it was sort of challenging and annoying because the mousepad continued to do stuff on its own.

So, I had my laptop sitting on my desk open and untouched, and the mouse — ON ITS OWN — deleted my entire work email inbox. That’s some crazy shit.

Yes, I can find the emails in my trash. But, there’s also thousands of other emails in my trash that I’ve deleted. There’s no way to tell which 40 or so were in my inbox and needed to be responded to or dealt with or referenced. At first, obviously, I freaked out. Then, when I realized there was nothing really to do about it, I figured new year, new start. Eh.

Happy Holidays.

3 thoughts on “Couldn’t Make This Up

  1. Well, that is definitely a healthy way to look at things. Stuff happens, and if you have no control over it, why stress over it.

    I know that is a simplistic way of looking at it, cuz sometimes we still stress, but the more we can do that, I’d say the better we’d all be.

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