In September 2005, Kelly did her first triathlon — the race formerly known as the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Her junior and senior years at UC Berkeley, she raced for the Cal Triathlon team (National Champions!) and won a few conference races, sucked at a few national races, and fell down a lot.

In late 2009, after dominating her age group, Kelly decided she didn’t want to be a sandbagger and took her elite license. She raced in the elite fields for two years, but was unprepared, did poorly, quickly got burned out and injured, and quit the sport. After a few years off from triathlon, she re-found a love of the sport with the USC Triathlon team, while doing a graduate fellowship at USC. In 2016, she won the amateur title at Wildflower, set a course record (and won the amateur race) at Pacific Grove Triathlon, earned multiple top three finishes, and raced the Ironman World Championships for the first time. In 2017, she’ll be transitioning to race as a professional.

She also writes a lot about triathlon, knows a lot about triathlon, and works a lot within the triathlon industry. If you want to find out more about her triathlon career, visit her blog, Sunny Running.

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